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Our service provides all that is needed to achieve compliance with the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes (often simply referred to as 'The Code') is a single national standard to guide industry in the design and construction of sustainable buildings (both residential and commercial).

Whereas an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) only addresses the problems of energy consumption and CO2 emissions The Code attempts to measure the environmental impact of the building in a much wider sense.

'The Code' addresses nine environmental issues, namely:

  • energy/CO2
  • pollution
  • water
  • health and well-being
  • materials
  • management
  • surface water run-off
  • ecology
  • waste

Code Compliance

The Code is currently voluntary but home builders are encouraged to follow the Codes principles because the Government is considering making assessment under The Code mandatory in the near future. In fact, the Code (at level 3) is already a mandatory requirement for Social Housing.

The Code has been developed using the Building Research Establishmentís (BRE) EcoHomes System and will eventually replace it. However, BRE will continue to maintain and operate the EcoHomes scheme during the transition to the Code. The Code sits alongside and enhances current planning systems which guide sustainability in broader locational and aesthetic issues.

The Code is closely linked to Building Regulations, which are the minimum building standards required by law. Minimum standards for Code compliance have already been set above the requirements of Building Regulations.

Code compliance can vary from one local authority to the next so its always a good idea to check to see what level of compliance is required.


There is already a need for builders to demonstrate the Sustainability of their projects and to use Code compliance as part of their marketing stratagy. Thus Code compliance can be seen as a way for builders to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the Market Place.

It is intended that the Code will signal the future direction of Building Regulations in relation to carbon emissions, energy use and the environmental impact of buildings.

At Gemstone Energy Management we have all the necessary business processes in place to ensure that you gain Code compliance as quicky and economically as possible.

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