Gemstone Energy Management

Helping to produce

sustainable buildings for a healthy planet


Our pricing strategy depends upon several factors

  • the complexity of the job
  • number of site visits needed - how far we need to travel
  • availability and ease of access to information required for producing the EPC

We provide a full Energy Assessment Service from start to finish for all types of building projects. This will often include design stage Energy Assessment along with continuous advice and consultancy on how to achieve Energy Compliance in the best and most cost effective way possible. As part of our Quality of Service you will have full access to our in-house specialists throughout the whole assessment process.

Our reason for not displaying a pricing tarif is that we prefer to evaluate every job on individual basis. Whilst we acknowledge that we are not the cheapest we believe that overall we provide the best value for money.

For further information please phone Dr Richard Owen on 01485 544637 or email .